ReadyEdi Professional LiPo batteries is designed for the requirements of UAV Multirotor and manufactured with the best of the existing LiPo materials and technology.
ReadyEdi Professional batteries have been designed to provide long-term powerful and safe flying experience and unprecedented performance.
ReadyEdi batteries give you all you need to get the job done.
When it comes to your next assignment, no matter if you want to get the perfect aerial shot, or embark on a challenging mission or test crops and large farmland, do not risk your equipment or your mission! Use only high-quality ReadyEdi Professional batteries
We produce and sell Lithium-polymer batteries (Li-Pol) for Aviation,
Hobbies, Robotics, Security systems, Military industry.
Very good and fast charging, able to charge up to 90% within 10 minutes.
The production has passed CE,MSDS,UN38.3 certification.
Guarantee of compliance with the declared characteristics. The company’s products are presented in the market of batteries since 2014.

Customer Satisfaction, Technology Innovation and Sustainable Management

Advantages of our product

— high energy density;
— light weight;
— low self-discharge;
— low internal resistance;
— long service life;
— does not contain mercury;
— no explosion;
— no leak.