I2C Splitter Expand Moduel

Pixhawk I2C Splitter Expand Module


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Product Description

 Pixhawk I2C Splitter Expand Module For Pix APM Flight Controller

CRIUS Pixhawk I2C Splitter Expand Module For Pix APM Flight Controller


Tool Supplies: Cutting
Material: Composite Material
RC Parts & Accs: Connectors/Wiring
Model Number: Pixhawk I2C

Size: 12x30x6mm

Note:if the existence of the cable portion of red and black lines received the wrong location, please ignore, because it does not affect the use, but the color sequence is incorrect, you can swap your own if necessary.


Pixhawk/APM flight control only one I2C interface, such as the need to connect more than one I2C peripheral, you can use the line board; Pixhawk – I2C points line board with five completely parallel vertical 1.25 4 a socket, convenient connection in the form of 1 drag 4 four I2C peripherals, for example, at the same time use the external compass and RGB modules. I2C line board and Pixhawk flight control the appearance of the connection (please note that this price includes only the I2C line board and cable)

Package includes:
1x Pixhawk-I2C module
1x 4P Cable 80mm

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