Shadow V1
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Shadow 250 V1

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Product Description

Shadow 250 V1

We very proud to release the new shadow Frame!
This frame was specifically designed for our Team Pilot Shlomo Dallal.
What have we incorporated into a frame for one of the fastest FPV Pilots in the world?
we made the frame very light. Making it lock in around corners and adding to a serious top end speed.
Also due to this it much easier to tune.

The frame supports 6 inch props while still staying a stretched x.
Flying 5.1 inch props while the frame supports 6 inch helps with less air tribulation and smoother flight experience!

The frame has plenty of room for a 30×30 stack and next version will support 20×20 stacks as well, this extra space allows for an easy and clean build.

The smart design helps changing the arms quickly in racing environments gives the pilots more time to get prepared for the race and thinking about new strategies for the next round.
Having only 2 bolts for each arm reduces weight and helps with a fast and easy replacement of any arm when time is critical.

Each arm has a bump to secure the motor in hard crashes – no more bent motor bells!

The bottom plate has socket holes for the bolts so the battery is not damaged by the bolts.

Boomerang arms helps with durability and rock solid frame (less vibration)
Thin profile less drag faster acceleration and top speed.

The holes for the motors bell are closed from the outside so the motor stays clean and smooth protected from any dirt or dust.

The shadow frame has 5mm arms that can take a solid hit without breaking

2x boomerang 5mm 6inch arms
1x 2mm Top Plate
1x 3.5mm bottom Plate (with socket holes)
1x 3D printed Micro Cam mount adjustable placing and angle
1x 3D printed antenna mount
4x 25mm Standoffs
1×1 Battery Strap
Battery Pad